The Museum of Innocence


Review by Zulfikar Filandra

The Museum of Innocence will surely be remembered as one of the masterpieces of this century. This is a book that radiates with love for everything put into it, and a book that restores faith in the power of great literature.

I waited so much for a true love story written by Orhan Pamuk, and yes, this book is a love story, but also so much more at the same time. A book full of small beautiful things, like the heartfelt chapter 69, “Sometimes”.

Truly Pamuk's best, alongside “The Black Book”.

Thank you Orhan, your work means so much to me.

29 Jun 2009, Zulfikar Filandra


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You may start with the Wikipedia article about Orhan Pamuk to get more information on the writer of this book.

Orhan Pamuk was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2006. You may read his Nobel Lecture: My Father's Suitcase

The official site of the writer is located at

The official site of “The Museum of Innocence” is located at (in Turkish).

Pamuk describes the relation between the novel and the museum as “The museum is not an illustration of the novel and the novel is not an explanation of the museum. They are two representations of one single story perhaps.” in an interview with German broadcaster Deutsche Welle.

Pamuk is writing a series of articles, discussing the literary, philosophical and personal backgrounds of the novel and his thoughts on other great novels about love. These articles will also be linked here.

This section will be updated as more resources are available about the book.

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